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We spend countless hours preparing. For example we prepare for school, work, guests, weddings, vacations, retirement and the list goes on. Being prepared is important and it is something we have been trained to do from our early childhood. Unfortunately, there is one thing that many of us fail to prepare for. More specifically, we sometimes overlook preparing for Christ's second coming. Do you know what he wants from us? Should we fear his inevitable return? How can be we be prepared for his soon coming?

Welcome to where we attempt to give you a small glimpse into what the Bible says. Our hope is that this site will encourage you to crack open and explore the Bible yourself in an effort to experience the life changing power within your life.

Do you feel like something is missing in your life? Let Jesus complete you - start now by inviting him into your life. He will give you the hope and peace that will surpass all understanding.

My Testimony

I spent the most of my life being selfish. It was my goal to achieve the best grades so that I could get the best job and make the most money. I believed Satan's lie that money and things could fill the emptiness I was feeling. With money I would get the best wife, buy the biggest home, drive the nicest cars, and take the best vacations. From a career perspective I wanted to run a company, make big decisions, and close the biggest deals. This would help fuel my self-worth and true happiness would be achieved. With success would come tons of friends that would fill any remaining gaps.

I have found that chasing after worldly success and wealth for the wrong reasons ends in bitter disappointment. The emptiness that we all feel cannot be filled by the things in this world. The emptiness we feel can only be filled by the love of Jesus. Experiencing His love begins by asking him to forgive your sins and then inviting Him into your life. Bringing Jesus into your life means putting him first in your daily decisions. Rather than asking yourself, "What can I do for me?", you are asking, "What can I do for Jesus"? The ironic part is that by putting Jesus first in your life you will for the first time begin to feel the peace that exceeds all understanding. Jesus designed us to serve Him. In contrast, Satan is attempting to deceive us by making us think that true happiness comes from serving ourselves. This life is short compared to eternity. Let's get it right and start living true life today!

A New Life

Once you choose to put Jesus first in your life it is likely that He will put a protective hedge around you and you will experience some amazing things. Unfortunately, Satan is not going to stand by idle watching you switch teams without some significant resistance. You have likely developed some habits that are counter to how Jesus wants you to live your life. Satan will claim that your inability to stop your harmful lifestyle is evidence that he still owns you. He will also attempt to tempt and destroy you more than ever before. When you were clearly his there was no reason for him to spend excess time attempting to destroy you - he already owned you. Now that you have made a stand he will double his efforts.

The good news is that you just tapped into the strongest power in the universe. By tapping into God's power He will help you to overcome your shortfalls. Jesus accepts you today just the way you are. Jesus made it clear that he came to save the loss. He did not come to save those who do not need saving. When you are feeling hopeless and helpless, Jesus is standing by ready to give you the strength to overcome all temptations and obstacles within your life. God promises that you will never be tempted beyond what you can handle. Welcome to your new life!

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