Unexpected Visitor



After Jesus' death, two disciples walked slowly from Jerusalem to Emmaus. This was an eight mile journey. Toward the beginning of their trek they were joined by a stranger. This stranger was Jesus; however, the disciples didn't realize it until they invited him into their house at the end of the journey. Once in the house, Jesus raised his hands to bless the bread and that is when the disciples realized it was Jesus. Instantly, Jesus vanished and the disciples scrambled to tell everyone the good news that Jesus was alive.  

Just as the disciples had entertained Jesus, we could also have the opportunity to entertain angels. Had the disciples not invited Jesus into their house, they would have never known that they had been talking to Jesus. In fact, once they reached their destination, Jesus continued; however, the disciples urged him to stay. Jesus will join us if invited. He will never force himself into our lives. Each morning, let's be sure to invite Jesus into our lives.