The Dream Team



This morning I started reading Numbers chapter 1. As I started, I began to wonder why God put this “hard to read” material in the Bible? The chapter starts out where God instructed Moses to take a census of all the men twenty years or older. To do this, God pre-selected twelve men.  

I then started to read the monotony….“from the tribe of Reuben – Elizur son of Shedeur ”. I then stopped and realized that God had selected just one man out of each tribe that had a population ranging from 30 to 70+ thousand people. I started wondering how God chose the twelve men and if I would have been chosen.

I think it is fair to assume that God chose men of character. The men selected would not compromise in obtaining an accurate record and fulfilling their responsibilities without complaining. The men would have had a strong leadership ability combined with patience. The men would honor and obey God to the best of their ability. And finally, the men selected would serve with a humble spirit.  

Only God has the perfect ability to select a dream team of managers. The good news is that God is active today. He wants to help guide us through our every day challenges. If we stay connected to Him, he will help us manage with perfection.