It's Too Hard



After the Passover feast, Joseph and Mary left Jerusalem to go home. After a day of traveling, they realized that Jesus was not with them or their friends. Once they realized Jesus was missing they went back to Jerusalem and searched for Jesus for three days. During that time, Jesus' parents were extremely worried.  

One day of neglect by Joseph and Mary caused them three days of worrying. Similarly, if we neglect Jesus via careless words, gossiping, neglecting to pray, we may lose sight of Jesus, which can lead to days of searching to recapture the peace we once had.  

It is quite easy for us to be absorbed into the cares of this world and to forget about Jesus. This is why a professed follower of Christ can become discouraged. We can attend church and be filled with hope and benefit from its blessings; however, if we fail to pray and meditate, we can quickly lose the blessings and then find ourselves in a worse condition. At this point, it's easy to blame Jesus for the emptiness we feel when in reality it is completely our fault. We must stay connected to Jesus.  

If we are truly followers of Christ, he will have our best thoughts. We will love to talk about him and share our great joy with others. By meditating upon the beauty of his character, we will be changed.