Satan's Final Effort



If Satan knew that Jesus came to live a perfect life and die for our sins, why did he evoke the people to help carry out these plans, which would end the great controversy? More specifically, once Jesus would die on the cross without sin, Satan's claim would be proven false and his end would be imminent.  

Satan and his satanic helpers coursed through the crowed exciting a tremendous hatred and demanding blood in an effort to cause more cruelty. Pilate showed his weakness by telling the crowd that Jesus was innocent, but he then had his soldiers whip Jesus in an effort to appease the crowd. The soldiers spit in his face, crushed a crown of thorns in his temple, slapped him, pretended to worship him, and hit him in the head with sticks. Blood flowed freely down his face from his temple and into his beard. His back was severely lacerated. It was Satan's hope that Jesus would make one small mistake, which would disqualify him as the lamb without blemish. Satan hoped that Jesus would fail and he did everything in his power to increase his odds.

Finally, the mob yelled, “If you let Jesus go, you are no friend of Caesar”.   These words cut deep as Pilate had been under suspicion with regards to his loyalty. Satan had gone through extreme measures to ensure this final argument would be available. Pilate decided that he would rather convict an innocent man to death then risk losing his worldly powers. Ultimately, he lost his job and committed suicide shortly after; hence, the one thing he tried to protect, he ultimately lost.  

Similarly, we will be tempted in this life. Doing the right thing can cost us financially or place our job at risk. Nevertheless, we must strive to never compromise truth and integrity.  

“There is a way which seems right unto a man, but the end leads to death”    Proverbs 14:12 .