Jesus and Judas



Communion is a time to contemplate Christ's great sacrifice. Each time we celebrate communion, our soul will receive spiritual strength. The service will actually help us form a special connection to God as we reflect on his great sacrifice.     

At the Passover supper, Jesus said several things that indicated he knew Judas would betray him. After washing the disciples feet he said, “Ye are not all clean”. In truth, all the disciples except Judas had repented. Judas still clung to his plans to betray Jesus. Jesus also said, “He that dippeth his hand with Me in the dish, the same shall betray Me”. And finally, after all the disciples asked, “Is it I”, Judas in an effort to hide his plans also foolishly asked, “Is it I”. In response, Jesus said, “Thou hast said”. These words seized Judas with fear as he realized his motives were revealed for all to see. With that he quickly got up and left into the night to carry out his plan.

Once Judas left, he passed the point of no return. Up until then, Jesus was revealing his divine foresight in hopes that Judas would repent. Jesus continued to reach out to Judas in an effort to woo him back. It's also interesting that Jesus also allowed Judas to participate in the communion service. This was an example Jesus gave us indicating that we should not judge others. The Judging should be left to God as only he can read the heart.  

By revealing the fact that Jesus knew Judas' plans, he also was providing additional evidence to the other disciples of his divinity. Later when Jesus was taken away, the disciples were able to reflect upon what Jesus had said, which helped further strengthen their faith.