About Us



Many years ago I blogged during my morning devotionals as I read Desire of Ages, which was written by Ellen G. White. The blog became a wonderful collection of short posts sharing the good news and encouraging everyone to surrender their lives to God. The articles were quickly picked up by the search engines and it wasn't long before people all over the world were finding Jesus via my daily posts.

Unfortunately, some hackers also noticed the site and setout to hijack my visitors. They soon succeeded and immediately began redirecting all my traffic to a casino site. Google discovered the problem before I did and promptly blacklisted my site. I was unable to find out how they hijacked my site so I eventually closed down the entire site with plans to reintroduce the content under a new domain name.

In April 2010, about two months after I left my job, I acquired www.icetruth.com and started the process of reloading the content. This time I'm building the site from scratch, which means it will hopefully be more difficult for someone to steal my visitors. The downside is that the site is no longer a blog. Nonetheless, feel free to e-mail me your thoughts and prayer requests. I will be happy to lift your requests up to Jesus.

Thank you for visiting my site. It is my hope that you find the content enlightening and that it brings you closer to Jesus.

You may e-mail me at admin@IceTruth.com.