Blinded by Financial Loss



Jesus and his disciples landed their boat on the shore when two mad men rushed them foaming at the mouth and screaming in terror. Immediately, the disciples turned and ran for their lives. They then stopped to look back when they saw that Jesus had not moved. Just as the demons were about to grab Jesus, he extended his hand and stopped the demon possessed men in their tracks.  

The demons looked at Jesus, recognizing his authority and power, said, “What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God?   I beg you, don't torture me!” Jesus asked, “What is your name?” The demons responded, “My name is Legion: for we are many”. The demons then begged to be expelled into a nearby herd of pigs. Jesus granted their request and the entire herd of pigs rushed of a cliff and drowned in the lake. Meanwhile, the herdsmen who had seen everything went back to town to tell the owners.  

The town's people came out to meet Jesus livid that they had suffered such a huge financial loss. The people were so absorbed by earthly things that they overlooked the hope and salvation that stood in front of them. Jesus allowed the pigs to perish as an act of mercy to break their misguided focus away from worldly things and toward his grace. It was Satan's objective to turn the people against Jesus. Unfortunately, blinded by their financial loss, the town's people begged Jesus to leave the region so he complied.  

The towns' people had rejected Jesus and his grace out of the fear of sustaining more financial loss. Similarly, we may be tempted to turn our backs toward Jesus' grace due to the perceived cost in this world.  

As Jesus departed, the men who had been freed from Satan's control begged to go with him. Incredibly, Jesus told them to stay in the region and tell others about the blessing they had received. These two restored demoniacs who had only known Jesus for a short time were to become the first evangelists of the region. They had just ended an extensive period of isolation from people, which seemingly disqualified them from this great mission. Nonetheless, the men accepted their task and proceeded to declare Christ's saving power everywhere.  

I'm amazed at this story. I often feel unprepared and inadequate to share Jesus with others. From this story, I can clearly see that sharing Jesus is simply telling others what Jesus has done for me. This is simply sharing my personal testimony.   I can do that.  

Later when Jesus returned to the region, he was greeted by thousands of people who had accepted him due to the testimony shared by the two men left behind.   Wow! What an amazing story. We should not fear sharing what we know, which may not seem like much; however, combined with the power of Jesus it can change lives.