Overcome Fear



Wearied, Jesus and his disciples set off across the Sea of Galilee to rest. No sooner had Jesus fallen asleep when a tremendous storm erupted. The disciples were experienced fisher men who had battled many storms; however, this particular storm had them quickly fearing for their lives. The boats were filling with water and about to split up when the disciples finally remembered that Jesus was on board. Immediately, they began crying out his name for help when a lightening flashed and they saw Jesus sleeping peacefully at the bottom of the boat.  

Too often we attempt to battle storms in our lives without first seeking help from Jesus. Like the disciples, we often find ourselves at the brink of despair full of fear. If we were to always keep our eyes on Jesus, we too would be in perfect contentment during a time of trouble. We should never try to trust in our own abilities. It always takes help from the supernatural to combat the forces of Satan. If Jesus is in our hearts, we have no need to fear.  

Upon hearing the cry of his disciples, Jesus stands up in the boat and says, “Peace, be still”. Immediately, the forces of nature obey his command. The wind and rain stop as the clouds quickly roll away. The lake becomes completely still as the stars illuminate the night.  

Jesus then asks, “Why were you fearful? Do you lack faith?” This one question followed by this incredible experience clearly highlights the importance of faith. Let's pray that Jesus will help strengthen our faith so that we can stand strong during difficult times.