A Good Friend Dies



A message came to Jesus saying that his good friend Lazarus was very sick. His disciples expected Jesus to leave at once to heal his friend; however, Jesus continued to hang out for another two days. The disciples could not understand this behavior. The disciples reminisced how Jesus didn't help John the Baptist either.

Jesus was about to perform his greatest miracle of all time. For the benefit of his disciples he didn't go to Lazarus so that the disciple's faith would be strengthened by seeing Jeuss raise Lazarus from the dead. Had Jesus immediately gone, Satan would have been powerless in taking Lazarus' life and a wonderful miracle would not have taken place.

Two parts of this story highlight humanity working with divinity. Jesus will not use his power when human's can accomplish the task. For example, Jesus could have easily rolled away the rock. Instead, he asked others to do this. In addition, Jesus asked the people to unwrap Lazarus. Again, Jesus could have commanded the garb to unravel itself. Similarly, Jesus wants us to help others. Jesus is always looking for people who are willing to work with him. I can't think of a better person to work for. Can you?