Lying can be Ok!



Jacob moved his family to Egypt where his son Joseph was second in command. After Joseph died a new Pharaoh arose who didn't know Joseph. This new pharaoh was afraid of the Israelites as the nation was growing stronger every day. As a result, he enslaved the entire nation and commanded the midwives to kill all new baby boys.  

There were two Hebrew nurses that helped all Israelite women give birth. Their names were Shiphrah and Puah . These nurses feared God; hence, they disobeyed Pharaoh and let the baby boys live. When Pharaoh asked why they had disobeyed, they lied to Pharaoh and said, “The Hebrew women are much stronger than the Egyptian women. They give birth to their babies before we can get there”.  

The story goes on to say that God protected the two nurses from Pharaoh because they feared him. It turns out that God gave the nurses families of their own as a reward for their bravery. Ultimately, the pharaoh gave an order for everyone to kill the male babies, which leads to another story.

I think it is interesting that God specifically blessed these two nurses for obeying Him. It is also interesting that the nurses lied to Pharaoh, which was not a problem for God. It certainly took a lot of courage to disobey and lie to the Pharaoh. Let's all be prepared to take extreme measures to obey God under all circumstances.