We Need a Teachable Heart



We cannot do anything if we are not connected to Jesus. If we are not connected, Satan will be quick to discourage us. In contrast, Jesus can uplift us with faith and hope. We need Christ to touch our hearts, which will arouse our sleepy minds. Once touched, we will be able to perform at levels that previously seemed impossible.

One who loves Jesus the most will be able to do the most good. If we surrender our lives completely to God, he will strengthen our minds and character to be more like Him.  

When Jesus chose his disciples, he did not choose men that were of the highest education. Unfortunately, the so called educated men were too proud and unwilling to learn from a humble carpenter. As a result, Jesus took fisher men who have become equal amongst the world's most honored men.  

Let's ask Jesus to humble us so that we will have teachable hearts. The greatest struggle for me is to love Jesus above everything else. Mentally I can say, “No problem”; however, many times my actions tell a different story. With Christ's help, I want to consistently place Jesus first in every part of my life.