Jesus Disappoints



After a day of miraculous miracles and stories, the disciples and the people begin to conspire that they can force Jesus to be their earthly king. With Jesus as their king, he could cause the land to flow with milk and honey, satisfy every desire, destroy the Romans, heal soldiers hurt in battle, and supply the armies with food.  

Jesus quickly discerns what is happening and recognizes that this movement would jeopardize his mission.   As a result, he commands his disciples to leave by boat for Capernaum at once. The disciples hesitate and Jesus gives them the command again and this time they cannot refuse. Jesus then sends the people away and they too are unable to resist his command.

Once in the boat the disciples start to complain and wonder why they didn't carry out their original plans. The disciples then start wondering if Jesus truly is the Messiah. Why didn't Jesus save John the Baptist? Why does he shun worldly honor? About that time a huge storm approaches and they begin a fight for their lives.  

Jesus knowing the predicament of his disciples walks toward them. Upon seeing this figure walking on the water, the disciples are ceased with fear thinking it is a demon that has come to claim their lives. Jesus continues walking by the boat when the disciples see that it is him. They immediately cry out for help and Jesus responds calmly assuring them they will be ok.  

Peter then asks Jesus if he can join him out on the water. Jesus motions for him to come so Peter hops out of the boat and beings walking on the water toward Jesus. Peter's self-confidence rises so he looks back at his buddies in the boat with a glance that said, “Look at me”. Just then a wave comes between Jesus and himself; he is immediately filled with fear and begins to sink. Peter cries out for help when Jesus reaches out and saves him from drowning.   Both Peter and Jesus then step into the boat and they are immediately at their destination.  

When trouble approaches us we are often like Peter focusing on the problem rather than our Saviour. Jesus does not ask us to follow him and then leave us to fight temptations and troubles by ourselves. We need to recognize and always remember that our safety is dependent upon God's divine power.

We will not rely on God's power unless we recognize our own weaknesses. If we do not recognize our constant need to rely on God, we will fall to temptation.   We can only face our temptations with confidence when we recognize that alone we are weak; but, with Jesus we can overcome all temptations and face all trials. God allows us to be confronted with trials and difficulties so that we recognize our weaknesses and learn to rely on him.