The Passover Explained



Everyone has heard of the Jewish Holiday referred to the Passover feast. Do you know where this feast originated?  

Back when the Israelites were being held captive in Egypt, God warned pharaoh to let his people go. In the final warning, Moses told Pharaoh that all the first born would die if he would not obey God's command.  

That same night Moses instructed the Israelites to sprinkle the blood of a lamb on their doorposts. They were then instructed to eat the lamb with unleavened bread and some herbs. The Israelites were also instructed to eat quickly and to be ready to leave.  

As the angel went throughout the land killing the first born, all houses with blood on the door post were “passed over” – the first born was not harmed. This was the beginning of the annual feast referred to as the Passover. By celebrating this annual feast, the Jews are remembering and passing on the amazing story of their deliverance from Egypt .

This feast and God's work of delivering Egypt was also a much larger object lesson. In fact it was an object lesson of redemption. The lamb was Jesus and the unleavened bread was His body. This symbolized that Jesus would redeem humanity by dying in our place.  

We can only be saved through faith by accepting Christ's perfect life in replacement of our own.