The Key to Death



I remember as a child standing in front of my grandfather's casket asking God to wake my grandfather up so that everyone would be happy again. God didn't answer that prayer and I didn't know why.  

Today I was reading a story found in Luke 7:11-17.   This is an incredible story. Jesus was walking with his disciples when coming toward him was a large crowd of mourners carrying a casket carrying a widow's only son. When Jesus saw the mother he felt very sad for her and said, “Don't cry”. Jesus then slowly walked up to the casket and placed his hand on the side and said, “Young man, I tell you, get up!” Immediately, the son sat up in the coffin and started talking. Jesus reached out picked up the son and then handed him to his mother.

All of the mourners stopped their mourning and watched with utter disbelief. The mother's tears of sadness instantly turned into tears of unspeakable joy. Suddenly, everyone realized that they were standing in the presence of God, which caused a solemn hush to fall on the entire crowd.   Eventually, the crowed erupted in joy, praising and glorifying God. The funeral possession then turned around and headed back to town to share this tremendous experience with everyone.

Jesus was able to turn the mother's sorrow into joy; however, he did just bring son back into a world full of hurt and disappointment. We don't know what this son did after this experience.  

We do know that this experience clearly demonstrated that Jesus holds the “keys of hell and death”. Satan cannot keep someone down when Jesus calls them back to life. Amen.