Is Evolution True?



Evolution claims that simple forms of life slowly evolve in to larger complex organisms. Those who hold to this idea point to how humans begin as a simple cell and then develop into large more sophisticated creatures. The following points are for you to consider when analyzing evolution:

  1. A single cell is an extremely complex little factory. The cell has a cell membrane that somehow decides what should go in and out. Ribosomes turn amino acids into proteins. The nucleus contains the nucleolus and chromosomes. The chromosomes contain the mater blue print or DNA. The Nucleolus assembles the crucially needed ribosomes . The endoplasmic reticulum are sugar storage warehouses and super highways for transportation. The mitochondria manufacture ATP or storage batteries that power the cell. The golgi bodies help package and transport protein. And finally, the centrioles, which are essential to the cell division process.
  2. If the eye had evolved over millions of years, then it would have been useless until fully developed. The eye does not function unless all the parts exist. In addition, if evolution is based on mutation, how did every single animal decide that two eyes was better than one?
  3. Millions of living creatures exhibit bilateral symmetry. This means if you drew a line down the middle, both sides would be the same. How is it possible that the separate cells on each side of an animal mutated independently but the same?  
  4. Why would two separate life forms choose to create opposite genders? Could an organism say, “Producing by dividing myself is boring – I think we should split and become two opposite sexes.  
  5. Evolution says that mankind is evolving. If this is true, why don't we see man and other animals in transitional forms? Evolutionists have countered this argument by making up punctuated equilibrium, which says evolution occurs via giant quantum leaps rather than small gradual changes.
  6. Evolutionists see similarities in bone patterns across different animals. As a result, they contend that this is support for evolution. Or, perhaps this just means God used a similar pattern.
  7. We have fossil records that show us what animals looked like a long time ago. Interestingly, we do not see animals fossilized in transitional forms.  
  8. The big bang theory claims you can throw a bomb into a computer parts store to create a computer.
  9. Carbon dating incorrectly assumes that the C12 and C14 in the atmosphere has always been constant. The problem is that sea water expels C14.  

The above list is just a few pointes to consider. I would like to urge everyone to study the facts themselves in an effort to determine how everything started.