Jesus is Here



“My dear friends, just as you've always obeyed God, not only when I was with you, but even more when I was away, continue doing so. Put the salvation you received from Christ to work in your daily life, with humility of mind, all the time recognizing that it is God who is at work in you. He is the One who energizes your will and enables you to obey Him.” Philippians 2:12, 13.

This verse tells me that God wants to work in us. This became possible once Jesus sent the Holy Spirit shortly after Jesus went back to Heaven. The Holy Spirit has allowed Jesus to be closer to us than he was to his disciples when he actually lived with them. This is a powerful fact. We have the same privilege and help that was available to the disciples after Jesus ascended to Heaven. John 16:7 says, “I'm telling you the truth, I must leave you, because if I don't, the Holy Spirit can't come in His fullness to you. But as soon as I leave, I'll make arrangements for Him to come.  

It's very comforting that Jesus did not leave us here on earth to struggle through our troubles alone. Instead, he is asking to dwell in us. We should invite Jesus to live in our hearts on a daily basis. The following verse describes the Holy Spirit working in our lives, “The world in general won't listen to the Holy Spirit because it doesn't see Him or know Him, but you know Him and you've already accepted Him. I know, because I've seen Him working in you. He's been motivating you and guiding you, and He'll continue to do so until I come back.” This is a promise I don't want to forget.  

In closing, did you know that Jesus prayed for you and me when he was living on the earth in the flesh? John 17:20 says, “Father, I'm not praying just for these men, but for all those who will become my disciples through what these men will say and do.” That's pretty cool.