Ugly On the Outside



“He grew up like small plant before the Lord, like a root growing in a dry land. He had no special beauty or form to make us notice him; there was nothing in his appearance to make us desire him.   Isaiah 53:2.

I find this verse very interesting. It clearly demonstrates that God's ways are not necessarily our ways. I don't know about you; however, if I was Jesus, I would have chosen to come to this earth with some really good looks. Instead, Jesus came here with “no special beauty” and “nothing in his appearance to make us desire him”. Jesus wasn't interested in drawing people to him merely by his looks or riches.  

Our responsiveness to attractive and/or wealthy people is a result of our sinful nature. I see this even clearer when I watch my daughter interact with other kids. She works so hard to win the affection of the most popular girl while completely ignoring the less attractive kids. Similarly, I don't like to admit it, I find myself working a little harder to win the affections of those who are more important. This behavior is definitely not sanctioned by God. We need to resist this temptation and recognize that it is not wealth or power that determines the value of those around us.