Being Like Jesus



By nature we desire to be recognized and admired by others. The disciples who spent almost every waking moment with Jesus struggled with the same problem. In fact, they purposefully lingered behind Jesus so they could argue who would be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

In contrast, Jesus who was the greatest of all came to this earth to willing face humiliation, torture, disrespect, and death so that we could have life. We can be changed to be like Jesus by thoughtfully reflecting on his life and accepting him into our hearts. What appears to be impossible is made possible with Jesus. It is Jesus' desire that not one person will lose eternal life.  

If we see someone claiming to be a Christian and misrepresenting Jesus, it is our duty to confront this individual. If we ignore the situation, it will be as if we committed the sin ourselves. We should never talk publicly about someone's faults. Those who are stronger in faith have a responsibility to help those who are weaker.

Please pray for me that I will be like Jesus to others and I will pray for you, too.