Jesus Curses



After praying all night, Jesus approached a fig tree that appeared to be healthy and full of leaves. In general, fig trees bear figs right before they leaf out. Upon approaching the tree and searching it from top to bottom, he could not find a single fig. As a result, Jesus cursed the tree and continued on his journey.

Later that day, Jesus and the disciples walked by the same fig tree. The disciples immediately noticed that the fig tree had shriveled up. This surprised the disciples as they had never seen Jesus destroy anything. In fact, Jesus stated himself that his mission was to save, not destroy.

The fig tree was a living parable for the disciples and for all-time. We have all been given a time of probation; however, eventually the time will run out. The Jewish nation continued to reject Jesus and eventually they suffered the consequence. Similarly, today many of us live for ourselves while ignoring our duty to minister to others. We have been created to perform unselfish services for others. If we live for ourselves, we will be like the fig tree we will have the appearance of being health; however, there will be no fruit.

If one continually ignores the prompting of the Holy Spirit, the heart will become hardened and it will lose its ability to respond to God's calling. God's word will no longer harmonize with our desires. We will find more and more ways to doubt God's word and existence. We must be extra cautious that this fatal hardness of heart that destroyed the Pharisees does not destroy us, too.