Do You Find Yourself Doubting God?



Jesus came to live on this earth to reveal his character to us and the angels. When Jesus came to the earth, the Bible became audible. In fact, our small earth is a lesson book for the entire universe. Jesus said, “I do nothing for myself…the living Father hath sent me, and I live by the Father….I seek not Mine own glory but the glory of Him that sent Me.”   John 8:28, 6:57 , 8:50 , 7:18 .  

Sin originated in heaven when Lucifer became envious of Jesus. He wanted to be first. Isaiah 14:13 says, “I will go above the tops of clouds. I will be like God Most High.” As a result, Lucifer attempted to gain control of the angels to win their worship for himself. In his effort to accomplish this task, Lucifer misrepresented God and cast doubt into the minds of angels. In fact, one third of the angels actually believed Lucifer's lies – that God was not fair.  

God could not break Lucifer's deceptive powers through force. The use of force would go against God's nature. He never forces us to do anything. When we were created, God wanted us to love him because of who he is and how much he loves us. God, nor would we, want forced affection. I want my family to love me because they want to, not because they are forced. It is the same way with God.  

It's interesting to note that the plan of salvation was not developed after the fall of man. The plan was actually developed well before man was created. It was not an afterthought. Romans 16:25 says, “The message about Christ is the secret that was hidden for long ages past but is now made known”. God did not desire that sin would exist; he simply foresaw that it would happen. He then made plans to fix the problem. I suppose he could have decided not to make Lucifer and man; however, I'm glad he did – at least man anyway. I suppose when we get to heaven we can ask God, “why did you make Lucifer?” Perhaps if he hadn't made Lucifer, sin would have erupted through another angel. Perhaps the decision to create free-will automatically put the universe on a collision course with sin.  

It's interesting to contrast Lucifer's desire to be exalted with Christ's humble plan of redemption. To solve the sin problem, Jesus left the throne of the universe to take on an earthly body and to suffer ridicule and insult. He came to this earth as a lowly carpenter born into a poor family.  

From the beginning, Satan has been working to misrepresent God. Satan would like for us to believe that God is responsible for sin, tragedies, and death. Satan also alleged that it was impossible to keep God's law. As a result, Jesus came to live among men to uncover Satan's deceptions and to pay the penalty of sin for everyone that will accept Him. Jesus' life of love and sacrifice clearly represented the true character of God.