Mary Loved More



As Simon watched Mary wash Jesus' feet he began to question whether Jesus was a prophet. He thought to himself, “If Jesus was a prophet, he would know the sinful things Mary had done and he would prevent her from even touching him”.  

In response to Simon's thoughts, Jesus said, “Simon, if one man owed 500 pence and another 50 pence and neither could repay their debt, and the lender forgave them both, who would be more thankful?” Simon quickly responded, “The one who was forgiven the most”. Jesus then replied, “You have judged correctly”. In an instance, Simon realized he had cast judgment on himself. Simon also recognized that he stood before divinity as Jesus was able to read his heart and thoughts.  

Jesus then proceeded to compare Mary's appreciation to his appreciation. Jesus noted that when he entered Simon's house he wasn't offered water for his feet; whereas, Mary washed his feet and dried them with her hair. He noted that Simon did not kiss him; whereas, Mary hadn't stopped kissing his feet. In fact, Simon had done very little to show his love for Jesus. This discourse makes me realize that it saddens Jesus when we don't show Him appreciation with our words and works.  

This story also shows that Jesus will not turn anyone away that comes to him for forgiveness.   He will freely forgive our sins if we just ask. Today he is standing at the altar of incense listening and answering our prayers. How great it is to have such a loving father watching over us.