The Great Deception



Satan and his evil angels gathered around Jesus' tomb eager to keep Him restrained forever. The one hundred soldiers stood guard to ensure the tomb was not disturbed. It was Sunday morning when a heavenly angel appeared in a great earthquake and exclaimed, “Son of God, come forth”. Satan's evil angels fled for their lives and the soldiers fell over like dead men.  

After Jesus had risen and left, the soldiers ran to give Pilot a full account of what had happened. On their way, the soldiers began telling everyone what they had seen. The message made its way to the priests who immediately sent messengers to intercept the soldiers. The soldiers then went to the temple where they told the priests that the Son of God had risen from the dead.   Caiaphas, the high priest, stood speechless and trembling as he tried to speak. The soldiers turned to leave when finally Caiaphas was able to say, “Stop! Do not tell anybody this story. Instead, tell the people that you fell asleep and that the disciples took Jesus' body”. After the priests agreed to bribe the soldiers and protect them from being punished, the soldiers agreed to circulate the priest's story.  

Today, this lie is still being circulated. What's strange is how would the soldiers know that the disciples took the body if they were sleeping? Also, wouldn't the disciples have been immediately arrested for breaking the Roman seal and stealing the body? In fact, once the news reached Pilot, he summoned his Centurion who wouldn't dare lie. As a result, Pilot received a full account of the story and the soldiers were not punished and the disciples were not arrested.  

Jesus' resurrection made it clear to Satan that his days were numbered. As a result, Satan is angrily working to deceive the world so that others will suffer his sentence, too. Not only does he want company, but he knows that it hurts Jesus every time someone chooses to reject him.  

For Christians that believe Jesus died and rose again, Jesus will come again and take us all home. We should not fear death. Death is simply a momentary sleep until he calls us from our graves at the second coming. We will then be joined with Him in the air and reunited with others who accepted Jesus as their Savior.  Our time on this earth is very short – let's stay connected to Jesus so that Satan will be unable to deceive and destroy us.